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Optimize Your Business for Local Search

If you’re a local small business with a very specific, geographically targeted market, then it might be best to optimize your presence for Local Search & SEO.  Similar to regular SEO but with a heightened importance on targeting a mix of localized results, Google Maps, Reviews, and a variety of other services, we can make sure that when your local market is searching for something nearby, they find you.  

But it doesn’t just stop with SEO, we can also ensure that that your paid search campaigns are optimized for local results as well.  For example, a plumber in Denver might only be able to provide service to a very specific area.  Everbloom can make sure that when someone in Denver searches “Plumber,” not only will our plumber get found organically or on Maps, we will make sure that any Pay-Per-Click ads that are run will show up specifically inside that market, putting the plumber right in front of the people who need him most.  

When optimizing for Local Search, here are some of the things we will focus on:

  • Yelp
  • Google Shopping (ecommerce websites)
  • Facebook
  • Online Reviews like Google Reviews
  • Google Maps
  • Mobile results
  • Google My Business

Even if you don’t use Yelp regularly to find where you want to eat or who to call for help redesigning your kitchen cabinets, millions of other people do.  This has resulted in Google placing a high value in having strong visibility in the service.  We will make sure your profile is complete and accurate, and we’ll make sure to address any issues that you may not be aware of.

Google Shopping
If you are an eCommerce store with the ability for customers to buy straight from your website, it is unwise to ignore your local market.  Even if you sell to people all over the world, you may have people right in your backyard who would prefer to buy from a neighbor than Amazon, and Google is sensitive to that local relationship.  We’ll make sure that your products are showing up for people in your market, increasing site visits and driving conversions and purchases from your website.  

Creating a Facebook page for your business is an easy way to engage your local target market and build brand awareness.  If you haven’t considered creating a Social Media Strategy, Everbloom can help generate a plan for you that is heavily focused on Local Search.

Online Reviews
One of the best ways to get Google to consider you a trustworthy local business is to make sure that your customers are leaving you frequent, positive reviews on the Google Reviews service, as well as other review-based websites like Yelp.  This lets Google know that not only are you providing a quality service or product, but that you are engaged and involved with your business’ digital presence.  Part of improving this is on your part, in encouraging your customers to leave you a review online, but Everbloom Digital can also help you create a strategy to persuade customers to follow through, and even address any negative reviews that may be out there.  We’ll help you get your customer base engaged and in your corner.

Google Maps
One of the best ways to get found by a local search audience is to focus on Google Maps.  Using a combination of methods in SEO, Content Writing, and local-focused services and sites, we can optimize for Google Maps and ensure that you are found on the Map, and start ensuring that you start increasing your organic rank compared to your competitors.

Mobile is one of the most important things right now to focus on to make sure you are ranking well.  Just because you’ve focused on regular SEO and Paid Search doesn’t mean that you’ve done everything necessary to show up on Mobile searches as well.  Mobile search is just a little different than regular SEO and Paid Search, and therefore there are additional small things to consider and optimize to ensure that you are ranking and being found in local mobile searches.  Everbloom will make sure you’re not missing anything.

Google My Business
Do you have a “My Business” page?  This is one of the first things you should do to make sure that Google knows about your local business.  These local business profiles are simple ways to make sure that the right info for your business and website is recorded with Google.  Once completed and optimized, you can tie a Google My Business profile to your website and social media accounts to create a more powerful web presence that attracts more visitors and customers, helping your business thrive from the digital world to the real world.  Contact Everbloom now to help your business get optimized for Local Search now!

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