Who is Everbloom Digital Marketing?

Get to know us...

Everbloom is a digital marketing firm with a track record of results-driven success and outcome based knowledge dating back to 2003.


Everbloom’s core skills are rooted in Online Reputation Management (ORM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), with an impressive list of related services available such as web design or Social Media Marketing (SMM) for the sole purpose of increasing website rank and visibility, identifying and reaching your audience, generating leads, and ultimately increasing revenue and performance in order to create a digital presence worthy of the recognition your business deserves.

Everbloom’s team consists of midwest marketing natives who understand the challenges of large and small businesses alike, boasting a client portfolio ranging from world class tech companies and organizations around the world all the way down to locally owned, small businesses with modest goals of optimizing outreach in their respective communities.

The greatest benefit of working with Everbloom Digital Marketing is the highest level of care and attentiveness combined with almost 35 years of business experience in various markets and professions throughout the U.S. that simply can’t be found in large, corporate marketing agencies.

A Message from Myra

Hey there! I'm the founder and creative motor behind Everbloom. I got my start working for a few marketing agencies before realizing I could do the work of growing business and brand awareness for clients without all the red tape and overhead that comes with big agencies. In 2010 I struck out on my own, laying the foundation for what became Everbloom Digital Marketing. I've provided over 14 years of Digital Marketing strategy and services for law firms, large tech companies, an NFL franchise, news organizations, 5-star hotels and countless small businesses across the U.S. Today I personally oversee every project that Everbloom takes on, and take pride in having a personal connection with every single client.  When not solving problems and delivering results for customers, I can be found on a volleyball court or exploring small towns on road trips.