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One of the most important things to a website’s positioning and ranking on search engines like Google is the content; More specifically: the words. It is absolutely critical to have thoughtful, informative, and engaging word content on multiple pages of your website in order for it to ever have a chance at having a high organic ranking.  What this accomplishes is that it lets Google know what the website is all about, and can then begin categorizing and ranking your website against competitors based on keywords, relevance, and trust.  

But writing takes time, and if writing is not your strength, and you just can’t seem to come up with an adequate word count for that website, let Everbloom write it for you!  We will consult with you to learn more about your business and what markets you’re looking to break into, and then perform research and keyword analysis to see what corresponding words people are searching on the search engines.  We’ll then use that research to figure out what to write for your website.  Among our team is Everbloom’s very own Brandon Miquelon, an accomplished and talented writer with an ability to write extremely informative and engaging content.  Have a look at his personal blog if you’d like wePhilistines to see some samples

While Everbloom can handle just about any writing assignment, here are some of the content writing services we specialize in:

  • Website Page Content
  • Social Media
  • Blog Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Landing Page Content (for Paid-Search ads and PPC)
  • Editing & Proofreading

Website Page Content
Even if you decide not to work with Everbloom, we implore you to spend some time putting thoughtful, intelligent written content on your website.  It’s the most important thing you can do for your website, so we recommend letting a professional at Everbloom tackle it for you.  Combined with our keyword analysis and competitor research, we’ll make sure that your webpage content is not only well-written, but it will be optimized to target specific search phrases and market demographics that will help you get top rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, increasing the traffic to your site and potentially resulting in new customers.  

Social Media
Everbloom has the ability to not only write content for your social media campaigns, but we can manage and run entire campaigns for you, complete with analytics and reporting.  Having a targeted, optimized social media campaign and strategy can engage your customer base and potential new clients in ways that a search engine might not be able.  We’ll find out how to best accomplish this with all the tools at our disposal.

Blog Writing
Blogging is a great way to publish additional helpful content to your website without tying it permanently to one of your main pages.  It is also a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, enticing visitors to entrust you for your provided service.  If you struggle with coming up with enough topics to post with any regularity, or you just don’t have time to write, we can help.  We’ll brainstorm with you to come up with relevant topics, generate a posting schedule, and can even manage the whole thing for you if you desire.  

Content Marketing
Sometimes writing the content isn’t quite enough, you also need to market it and push it effectively out to multiple outlets to make sure it gets in front of the right audience. We can get the word out there to make sure that your reach gets the amplification it needs to be useful.

Landing Page Content
If you want help in generating content for an effective landing page for your pay-per-click campaign on Google or other search engines, we have extensive background running these types of campaigns.  We’ll help you determine the proper way to do it and we’ll come up with content that is relevant and eye-catching, luring visitors to click that ad and land on a page that provides exactly the info they were searching for, ultimately leading them to do what you want them to, whether that’s to fill out a form, contact you, or just be aware of your company or service.

Perhaps you can write the content but you need a professional writer to take a look and make sure it isn’t going to have an adverse effect on your website, or you want someone to help beef it up with some SEO magic!  Everbloom can do that!

Contact Everbloom today to learn more about how good content writing can take your web presence and business to the next level!

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