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Create a Social Strategy for Success

Creating a social media strategy is one of the most important components of any company’s digital marketing strategies. When combined with SEO and Paid Search campaigns, a synergistic Social Media approach will not only round out a digital footprint, but it will help fill in blanks that other marketing efforts might be missing. While every organization is different in how it utilizes a combination of Social Media, SEO, and PPC to get its brand and message out to an audience, it is absolutely critical to make sure that the Social Media aspect is handled with consistency and proper effect.

Biggest misconceptions

 "I need to have EVERYTHING - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook ..."

 "I don't have enough time for this"

Am I making the Most of my Social Media?

Social Media Apps

Sit down and explore your company’s goals, existing purpose and efforts - it's what we do with each of our clients.  Whether you haven’t tried anything yet, or you have, make sure to revisit these questions:

  • What have I already tried?
  • What hasn’t worked and what has?
  • What results or reporting do I already have?
  • Do I have a strategy?
  • Why do I need each specific social site?
  • Are my social media accounts optimized?
  • Am I posting at the best time?

Where should I spend my time - Which Platform?

There are a number of places to advertise your business, have a presence: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn ... the list goes on.  But which platforms are right for you and your business depends on a few key factors:

  • Do I have enough time to update each regularly?
    This is an important point and many times overlooked - updating your social channel = more engagement, happier Search Engines, better SEO; inconsistent updates and posts can mean the opposite.
  • Which digital channels should I use?
    List the pros/cons for each, identify which will work best for your business based on the level of time and effort you'll need.
Digital ads versus billboard advertising - Everbloom Digital
What do customers see when they find you?

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How can Everbloom help?


Everbloom has the ability to not only write content for your social media campaigns, but we can manage and run entire campaigns for you, complete with analytics and reporting. Having a targeted, optimized social media campaign and strategy can engage your customer base and potential new clients in ways that a search engine might not be able. We’ll find out how to best accomplish this with all the tools at our disposal. We can help you:

  • Review your goals for each social platform
  • Define KPIs and performance metrics that matter to you and help you track progress
  • Develop segments among your target markets
  • Perform thorough analysis of competitors’ strategies & tactics
  • Create strategies for each social media platform to ensure maximum utilization
  • Optimize inputs and outputs of your social media channels

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