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Create a Social Strategy for Success

Creating a Social Media Strategy is one of the most important components of any company’s digital marketing strategies. When combined with SEO and Paid Search campaigns, a synergistic Social Media approach will not only round out a digital footprint, but it will help fill in blanks that other marketing efforts might be missing. While every organization is different in how it utilizes a combination of Social Media, SEO, and PPC to get its brand and message out to an audience, it is absolutely critical to make sure that the Social Media aspect is handled with consistency and proper effect.

How will Everbloom set up my Social Media Strategy?

The first thing Everbloom does when taking on a new client or project is to sit down and explore your company’s existing purpose and efforts. We want to know what you’ve already tried. What hasn’t worked and what has? What results or reporting do you already have? If you haven’t tried anything yet, or you have no reporting at all, that’s okay. We will guide the way.
During this initial discovery phase, we will:

  • Help define KPIs and performance metrics that matter to you and help you track progress against achievable goals we define.
  • Develop segments among your target markets
  • Perform thorough analysis of competitors’ strategies & tactics
  • Create Strategies for each Social Media Outlet to ensure maximum utilization of each platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, and many more. Every business is different, as is every social media strategy. We’ll make sure yours is in line with your industry and target market.
  • Optimize all inputs and outputs of your existing Social Media Channels. If none exist, we will create them.

Once we have performed the due diligence and aligned with you on strategy, schedule, and reporting, we will begin the campaign! Everbloom can be very flexible on the level of involvement, whether we take over your social channels for you, or you retain control and we just aid you in the process. The decision is up to you! From there we will work together to achieve success against the agreed upon goals. We will diligently perform the work and patiently wait for the results. Given enough time, if something doesn’t seem to be working just right, Everbloom is flexible and will adjust on the fly. Strategy decisions are always driven by data and reporting, which leads us to…

Everbloom Social Media Tracking & Reporting

Everbloom will always make sure that you are kept in the loop on what is happening and what is being done in your social media marketing campaign. The KPIs and metrics that were decided upon in the discovery phase of your project will be used in regular reporting with adequate context provided so you will never be confused or in the dark about your performance or what you’re paying for. You can expect the following from your social media reporting:

  • A defined baseline with numbers and KPIs, so you have an established starting point to compare against
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly stats & analytics that track performance and provide key insight
  • Clear context and learnings to help you decipher and interpret all the data in a relevant fashion. Confusion isn’t good for anyone, and we want you to fully understand exactly what’s happening in your campaign.
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"Their emphasis on the target audience, search engine optimization, and social networking has already benefitted our business in significant ways."
  ~ Jeff & Nancy Dwyer, Falling Rock Cafe

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