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Myra Lloyd

Myra is the founder and creative motor behind Everbloom.  After obtaining an Information Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, she got her start working for a few marketing agencies before realizing that her passion for Digital Marketing was exceeded only by her desire to see clients achieve success. Myra thrives on energy and personal connection, and once she realized that she could do the work of growing business and brand awareness for her clients without all the red tape and overhead that comes with big agencies, it was only a matter of time before she struck out on her own, laying the foundation for what would later become Everbloom Digital. She has provided 14 years of Digital Marketing strategy and services for law firms, large tech companies, an NFL franchise, news organizations, 5-star hotels and countless small businesses across the U.S.  Today she personally oversees every project that Everbloom takes on, and she takes pride in having a personal connection with every single client.  When not solving problems and delivering results for her customers, she can be found on a volleyball court or exploring small towns on road trips with her dog, Flex.  Her personality is best reflected by her motto:  “Appreciate. Love. Grow. Question. Listen. Give Hugs.”


Brandon Miquelon

Brandon is Co-Founder of Everbloom.  He earned a Business Admin Degree with a Marketing Minor from John Brown University, and was first exposed to the challenges of small businesses when he got a job in 2008 as a tech support rep working for Homestead Websites, a now-defunct DIY website building software company.  It wasn’t long before he was learning the foundational components of SEO, PPC, and the general importance of maintaining a digital presence for small businesses.  He has held jobs in Support, Sales, Business Development, and Management for multiple Tech, Website and SEO companies, including Endurance International Group and Intuit.  He has always had an enthusiasm for helping small businesses achieve greater dreams & goals, and it was this enthusiasm that drew him to joining the Everbloom team.  Brandon is an accomplished writer and blogger and an avid Social Media guru.  When he’s not busy drowning in Keyword Research or writing engaging web & social content for Everbloom customers, he can be found in a dark room in his house recording his own musical creations or booking last minute flights to 3rd-world countries on solo backpacking trips.  He loves the outdoors of Colorado, snowboarding in the winter and playing volleyball in the summer, but riding a motorcycle on an open road to nowhere is where he always finds true freedom.


Brandon Ramlet

Brandon is a digital designer based out of Denver, Colorado with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design.  He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Web Design & Development at the esteemed University of Denver.  Brandon has impressive experience in WordPress, eCommerce and HTML5 web design, and is always exploring new platforms and coding languages to expand his knowledge.  He has a strong foundation in Digital Design and Layout, spanning 15 years since the day he built his first website. He is a self-proclaimed “code-geek” and has been known to disappear down metaphorical computer rabbit holes overnight only to emerge with fully completed integrations that might otherwise take a talented team a week to complete.  A rare native of migrant-populace Denver, Brandon takes full advantage by getting out into the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains to enjoy nature.  He loves hiking “14ers” (Mountains over the 14,000 foot elevation mark), camping with his wife and 2 dogs, flyfishing for Rainbow Trout, and enjoying a delicious beer or whiskey while out on a patio enjoying the sunset.  His passion for living life outside is only slightly exceeded by his enthusiasm for teamwork, partnership, and helping businesses and entrepreneurs alike reach their goals through creativity and vision.


Nathan Lyle

Nathan Lyle is a website developer who graduated from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Network Computing in 2001.  He has extensive background in WordPress and has 15+ years experience in working with HTML, PHP, CSS, and jQuery.  He has a deep passion for working with small businesses and helping them achieve “next level success” by establishing close relationships and understanding need and opportunity. When not at a computer coding and creating beautiful websites with complex platform integrations, he can be found wandering through the snowy woods and sneaking up on critters with his camera, burying his nose deep into science fiction books, or chasing melodies while hunched over his piano.