Who is My Target Audience?

Identifying your target audience can help you get your name and message in front of the right people, increase your sales/conversions, and decrease your spend and cost per acquisition.

Your audience could be people who use mobile, desktop, or voice search.  They could be users of Google, social sites like Facebook, or like to watch videos on YouTube.  Remember your mobile audience is not the same as your desktop audience; people conduct voice search “hey Google” or “hey Alexa” are stating their questions differently than if they do a Google search on their cellphones.  ***Content (for SEO/website, ads, etc) must be customized for each.***

Whomever your audience is, be sure to dive into figuring out who they are and where they spend their time.  Helpful questions to guide you can be:

  • Where do my customers live?
  • What are their Interests?
  • When do they use Facebook, YouTube?
  • What time/day do a Google search?
  • Do they use their phones, Alexa/Siri?