6 Key SEO Services to Include in Every Project

Looking for good SEO services?

SEO is about gaining website visibility & ranking on Search Engines, but it doesn't stop there.  Envision emptying a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle onto a table - each puzzle piece represents an action or task of SEO.  The goal of any SEO consultant or agency is to, within budget, figure out which key puzzle pieces you need, why, and how fast we can fit them into place - because 99.9% of the time budget constraints do not allow for all 500 pieces to be placed.

So what are the 6 key SEO "pieces"?
  1. Website Audit
  2. Technical SEO / Site Architecture
  3. Keyword Research
  4. On-page & Off-page SEO
  5. Local & Mobile Optimization
  6. Analytics & Reporting


Website Audit: No matter how well optimized your website is, there’s still likely to be some issues that need to be addressed.  Review on-page SEO elements like your metas, images, video are a few items we sometimes find in need of a tuneup.

Technical SEO: We will ensure all critical components of your website are properly configured and primed for high SEO performance on the search engines. This includes the things you do see on your website, and the things you do not — error 404 pages, 301 redirects, robot no-index pages, broken links, page speed/load time.
Site Architecture: The current site architecture of your website is important to the success your visitors engagement. Many times visitors bounce from your site before even getting to the most important page. We'll analyze and identify opportunity to fix things like poor navigation and page structure to ensure your visitors get to their desired result.

Keyword Research: Instead of optimizing on a high and inefficient volume of keywords that are ineffective and unsuccessful, targeting intelligent power phrases provides you an opportunity for higher page rank. Quality 1st, quantity 2nd, especially with keyword optimization.  Our SEO specialists believe in providing comprehensive keyword research to improve on-page content and metadata information, which in turn lets Google and your customers know what you are relevant for and what you’re good at, which in turn increases your SEO performance and rank on the search engines. We also believe in proactively "working" these keywords throughout your digital marketing channels.  For best results we run quarterly reports to allow for adjustments.

On-page SEO / Off-page SEO: On-page SEO puts you in full control and refers to the changes you make directly to your website page to increase page rank. It involves optimizing your metas, content (images, videos, etc), inter-page linking, and more. Off-page SEO is outside of your control mostly and it refers to offsite (outside of your website) SEO practices. It involves creating backlinks, guest blogging, social signals, and more.

Local Search/Geo Optimization: A heightened importance will be placed on local search results to ensure that the markets you dominate most will be the ones closest to you. This includes targeting “near me” search queries, creating a Google “My Business” page, geo modifiers, and relevant keyword targeting.
Mobile Optimization: The world is an increasingly “on the go” playground, and the way people use the internet is especially indicative to how crucial smartphone and mobile phone use has become. Majority of searches now come from mobile devices, and that number trends higher every year. We will ensure that your digital presence is primed to take advantage of and target those potential visitors.

Analytics & Reporting: These are a crucial element of Search Engine Optimization. Without the data to track progress and success, it would be impossible to know how effective SEO campaigns are. Using programs and services like Google Analytics, Everbloom will track all activity and ranking for your website, creating metrics and identifying Key Performance Indicators which will provide valuable insight into your website performance and its website visitor behavior. Regular documents will be used to compile data into easy-to-understand formats and sent to you so that you know how your website is performing and ranking at any given time.

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When Everbloom does your SEO, we define keyword and term phrases that accurately describe your company to an appropriate demographic on the internet, increasing your visibility, relevance, and rank on Google and other Search Engines. These keywords and phrases then become the basis for our reporting analysis relative to your company’s internet presence and Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Based upon these results, Everbloom can cultivate appropriate campaign adjustments and execute accordingly. In a nutshell: we’ll make it easier for clients and future customers alike to find you.