What To Know About Content Writing

Attract the Right Audience, Including Google

One of the most important things to a website’s positioning and ranking on search engines like Google is the content; More specifically: the words. It is absolutely critical to have thoughtful, informative, and engaging word content on multiple pages of your website in order for it to ever have a chance at having a high organic ranking.  What this accomplishes is that it lets Google know what the website is all about, and can then begin categorizing and ranking your website against competitors based on keywords, relevance, and trust.

What to Look for in a Content Writer

Whether you're new to the game or trying to help your SEO, writing takes time.  If writing isn't your strength, and you just can’t seem to come up with an adequate word count for that website, look for someone who can.  Time is still money so why not find someone who can do this well in half the time?  Hey, you might just be surprised how many freelance writers there are and how affordable it is!

A good consultant will learn more about your business and what markets you’re looking to break into, and then perform research and keyword analysis to see what corresponding words people are searching on the search engines.  They'll use that research to figure out what to write for your website and hopefully how to optimize your post as well (bonus).

How Everbloom Can Help

Many times you'll get a wonderful blog post, website page content draft, paid ad landing page, or social post, but it's not optimized (SEO'ed).  Let Everbloom partner with you or your content writers (whether internal or external) to train on best SEO practices.  We'll even leave you with a "cheatsheet" checklist that can be used for all new and published content.

Contact Everbloom today to learn more about how good content writing can take your web presence and business to the next level!