How We Can Help With Your Analytics and Reporting

In Digital Marketing and Advertising, sometimes your success is only as great as your visibility into that success.  That’s why at Everbloom we place an equal emphasis on our Reporting and Analytics as we do our outstanding work in ORM, SEO, SEM/PPC, and every other offering in our professional services repertoire.

The world of internet marketing can introduce a lot of confusing jargon and statistics which can create confusion and mislead your goals & understanding of your campaign.  There are scores of metrics and numbers that can be used in a search engine optimization campaign to both present results, but also potentially mislead you. Everbloom provides objective, quantifiable data in simplistic form to measure your success in an easy-to-understand format and help you track performance and success.  We help you identify what numbers and metrics are most important to you, whether that’s improving your ranking in Google Keyword searches (also called SERP ranking), creating more visibility of your company reputation and contact information, or in converting more visitors into sales and driving more revenue for your bottom line. We will educate you (if you desire) and demystify all the numbers and charts by filtering down everything into what you care about most, and explaining in language that you understand what it all means and why it’s important. What’s more, by reviewing site statistics, competitor trends, pathways that site visitors utilize to find you and more, we can fine tune and constantly tweak any Internet Marketing Campaign to stay competitive, creating a truly agile and effective campaign.

Here are some of the ways Everbloom uses Analytics to help you succeed:

Campaign/Site Analysis:  We’ll start with an in-depth look into what you have done before and what you are currently doing.  Using Google Analytics, we’ll pull performance statistics on your website or PPC campaign to set as a baseline to judge against all work going forward.  We will use these numbers to determine a best path forward and a strategy.

Progress Analytics & Reporting Metrics:  Everbloom will provide comprehensive reporting with detailed breakdowns, allowing you to understand what’s happening in your campaign, and even adjust tactics & strategies as necessary.  The style and frequency of these reports will depend mainly on your preference and plan.   Transparent reporting allows Everbloom to maximize campaign budgets, set proper expectations, and illuminates how to target your audience effectively. Everbloom makes Internet Marketing for businesses of any size achievable, functional, and affordable.

Prioritized recommendations:  Every project is different, and every business has slightly different needs.  Once we’ve had a chance to absorb your business, website, and goals, we’ll be able to tell you where money and effort is best spent to target the best return on investment.

Regular meetings with Everbloom’s senior staff – You’ll never have to worry about talking to some junior-level intern about your website performance.  Our team is small and engaged in every project we take on, only committing to projects we can commit to fully.  Expect meeting frequency to be higher in the beginning stages while we get used to your project and your communication style, but once we know where we’re headed, we’ll be working furiously behind the scenes to make your site shine in a way it never has before.  Quarterly Reporting meetings are regular, where we will deliver progress statements and interpret the data for you so you know how things are going and how we’re tracking toward goals. Outside of this, we are extremely reachable and available.