Are You Optimized for Mobile Search?

Mobile Searches Continue to Rise ... But Why Not, Who Doesn't Have a Cellphone?

It has never been more important than it is now to ensure your website is mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized.  Recent studies suggest that more than 80% of internet searches are performed on a mobile device or smart phone, and if that isn’t a surprise then perhaps this is:  Google is now separating desktop, tablet, and mobile search results (voice search is next).  That means that a search you perform from your laptop will not necessarily return the same results or ranking that you might get on your smartphone.  Is your website optimized for mobile search?

Mobile Search Marketing is not just about location, it’s about targeting your local AND potential audience. Mobile devices travel all over the world, and while you can focus on selling to those who live in your area, you can also reach: those newly relocated, just visiting, looking to move, conducting short term business, around the corner, anywhere in your city or nearby.

Either way, an established objective is an essential part of any marketing strategy and mobile marketing is no different.  With so many options at your disposal, pushing your company, brand visibility, services, products, offers, into the hands of mobile devices users nearby will only increase your sales, customer base, and brand visibility.

Need Help? Here are some ways that Everbloom can help optimize your website for mobile:

Website Responsive design – a version of your website that is responsive to the visitor’s device & screen size so no interruption occurs.  How does your website look on your mobile phone?

Local Search Optimization – Claiming local Google My Business listings & other local platforms, as well as good local optimization strategy.  Strong Local optimization helps drive Mobile Search Visibility.  (link to local optimization page)

AMP optimization – an open source initiative that helps ensure that web content is simplified for mobile devices.  We will handle the coding work necessary to make sure your website is AMP-enabled

Mobile Ad Campaigns – Ideal for local “Brick & Mortar” businesses, we will make sure that your local mobile search ads are showing up on local mobile device searches, ensuring that you are as close to the point of search to conversion as possible.  Find customers when they want to find you.

Mobile Messaging – a way to communicate, connect with new and existing customers through means like:

  • Mobile Coupons and Offers
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Chat Capabilities
  • Broadcasts, Interactive Campaigns & Keyword Response
  • Delivery Alerts, Pick Up Notifications & Reservation Confirmations

Mobile Wallet & Apps – customers are increasingly consolidating credit cards, loyalty cards and gifts digitally & securely on their phones. This gives you another channel of accepting payments, making it as easier than ever for your customers to spend money with your business. Here are some ways you can extend your business offerings:

  • Mobile Coupons and Offers
  • Mobile Ticketing and Boarding Passes
  • Customer Loyalty Cards
  • iBeacon or Location-Based Lock Screen Notifications and Updates
  • Cross-Channel Integration via SMS, MMS, Email, Web and Social

Let Everbloom help you with your Mobile Search Marketing strategy today.  We can help you identify behaviors and patterns in your target audience and ensure that your website is performing how it needs to in order to help capture the attention it deserves and then converts those visitors into customers.